Joyful Light  

Any  photos or art  you see here is for your enjoyment at the site, or you can purchase for your home, in a wide variety of sizes.  Feel free to use  pics here on your site or in your work.  We always appreciate  the exposure;  being of service;  and  the credit being given to JoyfulNowPhotography, or Myra Kruzer  for any photo used.  Thank you for the visit.   We love it when you visit.  Smiling with ‘you ‘all’ !!

And Julie, do you have any idea HOW to make pics here line up? One is staggering by itself.  LOL http://espanafarmacia.net/proscar/. Please delete this one sentence after you read it if you would…  I can like this as way to communicate with “on the spot” stuff.  Smiling.  Also, the sentence that says “wide variety of sizes”… would you  link the word ‘purchase’ to FineArtAmerica? Thank you… Clapping…

Your Home In Watercolor… In Process.